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Google’s social media service, known as Google+, has now unleashed the power of its millions of members to local business owners. Google recently announced that is replacing its Google Places product, which was aimed at small businesses, with the new Google+ Local strategy which integrates the social media service and its local search platform. For small business owners this could mean additional opportunities for search engine visibility.

Google handles billions of searches every day, with many of those searchers are looking for local businesses and brands. In fact, according to Marissa Mayer, Google’s vice president for local search and Google maps, searches for local services account for 20 percent of all Google searches. With one Google+ business listing your business may now have the opportunity to appear in several of the Google search platforms including, organic, maps, mobile and now Google+.

The Google+ platform itself aims to provide relevant local information using its social networking technology. One of the cornerstones of this idea is the +1 feature. Similar to the Facebook “like” feature, +1 allows Google+ users to tag webpages of businesses and products they feel strongly about. In this way, Google is attempting to leverage its social networking user base to benefit its business network by matching the social networking community to local business owners.

Google has also integrated its recent technology purchase of the Zagat restaurant review system to allow Google+ users more accurate and more well-defined ratings and reviews. More importantly, Google+ users can narrow the Zagat results down to only those ratings provided by those in their trusted circles.

The power lies in this ability for individual users of Google+ to discover new products and businesses based on trusted information from their own Google+ social circles or the local community. Google+ users can tag local businesses, share them with their social circles of friends, relatives and colleagues, and easily post and share reviews allowing for more reliable, personalized information from people you know and trust.

While Google’s ranking algorithms remain proprietary, Google+ business pages and the additional methods of allowing Google+ users to interact with your site, are likely more important influences on a business’s ranking in the Google local search results than some traditional criteria.

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