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What is Google+ Local?

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Is Website Performance Important?

Top Rankings from a Few of Our Clients
  • "Accident Lawyer"
  • "Truck Accident Attorneys"
  • "Accutane Lawyer"
  • "Tampa Car Accident Lawyer"
  • "Sarasota Personal Injury Lawyer"
  • "Florida Personal Injury Lawyer"
  • "Yaz Lawsuit"
  • "Tampa Bankruptcy Lawyer"
  • "Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer"
  • "Dallas DWI Lawyer"
  • "Car Accident Information"
  • "Florida Estate Planning Lawyer"
  • "Long Island Probate Lawyer"

Keywords are updated on a regular basis and do not include all top rankings or clients.

Don’t Ignore Your Google Places Listing!

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Don't Ignore Your Google Places Listing! Getting your business found on Google is more than having a well optimized and relevant website representing your law firm. Google Places, which takes up a large portion of the 1st page search results (consider the image below as an example), and for practically any service based business requires specific action on your part. The above serves as an example of a search on Google, with the Places results on the 1st page Is my law firm in Google Places? Most likely it is, due to the fact that many businesses were automatically listed within Google places from various sources of freely available information regarding your law firm. How do I go about claiming my listing? If you head over to Google Places, and select Get Started on the right hand side of the page (as per the image below), you will be required to sign in with your Google Account details (assuming you have a Google account, otherwise we recommend getting one to manage all aspects of your Google activities online).  Google Places - Get Started

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