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Top Rankings from a Few of Our Clients
  • "Accident Lawyer"
  • "Truck Accident Attorneys"
  • "Accutane Lawyer"
  • "Tampa Car Accident Lawyer"
  • "Sarasota Personal Injury Lawyer"
  • "Florida Personal Injury Lawyer"
  • "Yaz Lawsuit"
  • "Tampa Bankruptcy Lawyer"
  • "Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer"
  • "Dallas DWI Lawyer"
  • "Car Accident Information"
  • "Florida Estate Planning Lawyer"
  • "Long Island Probate Lawyer"

Keywords are updated on a regular basis and do not include all top rankings or clients.

Results-Driven SEO Services for Lawyers

Give us a few minutes with your website and we will likely show you several ways to improve your results.

If your traffic is not what it should be, you are likely making the same mistakes as many of our clients. At SmithSEO, we know the legal industry and how to generate quality traffic which can turn into cases for your firm.

Our free website analysis can begin your process of increasing website visibility and effectiveness. When you choose SmithSEO we guide you through the steps of creating and SEO strategy for your business.

Three Easy Steps Toward Dominating Your Niche

1 Initial consultation – Typically a 15-20 minute meeting. In this meeting we’ll help you define your goals for SEO and how aggressive you want to be in moving towards them.

2 Website review – Review of your site architecture including keywords, title and header tags, content and link popularity. We’ll also review your competition and give you a head-to-head comparison.

3 Planning consultation – Here’s where we pull it all together and outline a strategy to meet your business goals and decide on the SEO tactics that will help generate new business for your firm.

For most small business clients, in low-to-moderately competitive environments, we have been able to achieve measurable results for just $750.00 per month.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Keyword Research. Our SEO campaign will target the best legal industry keywords that will generate traffic for your site.
  • On-Page Optimization. Beef up the content and structure of your site to improve ranking.
  • Competitive Analysis. Know who and what you’re up against in the wide open world of the internet.
  • Local Search Optimization. 20% of Google searches have local qualifiers. Don’t miss out on this traffic.
  • Link Building Campaign. The best long-term strategy to ensure your site will be found by your target audience.
  • Reporting and Analysis. You will see the status of your ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing, how much it has improved as well as a traffic report if you’re using Google Analytics. Reports can also include lead reports for your SEO campaign so you can determine cost per lead and general ROI.

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